NARFdesign (Nearly All Robyn’s Fantastic design) is a collection of sea/beach glass jewelry created by Robyn Peterson Durlin, inspired by her love of beachcombing while kayaking on Lake Erie. The sea/beach glass featured in each jewelry design is sourced from either Lake Erie or from the coast of Maine!

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About NARFdesign

Robyn Peterson Durlin

Owner and Chief Creative Officer

I have always been fascinated by the ocean and the beach, and many of my fondest memories are of my childhood growing up near the coast of Maine. Due to my career as a web designer, I now live closer to Lake Erie (which surprisingly looks like a sea it’s that big) but I feel the calling of coastal life now more than ever.

My collection of jewelry and accessories is inspired by my favorite beaches of this great country. The sea/beach glass in each one of my designs can be traced to a specific coastal region, and primarily features glass that I have either hand-picked or sourced myself (aka friends and family who also enjoy beach combing). Each piece containing glass is specified as containing sea or beach glass in the design details, referring to the regions in which the glass was sourced: beach glass is from the Great Lakes region, and sea glass is from the ocean.