NARFdesign Holiday Craft Show Appearances

It’s been a while since my last update, I have been super busy during my first official craft show season!!!

I started off with my craft show debut at the Avant-Garde Art & Craft Shows Chagrin Falls, OH show12003237_1613890842206554_7399991987975980191_n (1) the weekend of September 12-13, and it was a great success! I got so many compliments on the booth design, and nobody had any idea that it was my first show ever until I told them. That right there made all this effort worth it in my eyes. I wanted to do a show at this time last year, but I hadn’t put together any kind of booth setup and didn’t realize that a lot of the Holiday shows require applications months in advance! Thankfully I did my homework last winter, and finally got room to properly stage a booth setup with the new house.

12141169_1622439224685049_2272102815442073042_o (1)My second craft show was the White Rabbit Fall Craft Show in Stow, OH on October 18th, which really helped me dial in the booth set up (totally got an 8 foot table at that show which was amazing!). I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to display the sign and decided to try out the low position for this show since it would be visible down the walkway, but I realized I like having a visual frame above my booth!

I ended up tweaking the sign holder a bit more for the Avant-Garde Art & Craft Shows in Rocky River OH this weekend, I got a thicker piece of PVC pipe so that it can fully support the weight of t12244775_1627871804141791_8687711525344033308_ohe wooden sign, I can’t wait to see how it looks all set up! I also shortened the extension poles a little bit since halfway through the first Avant-Garde show, I realized the whole thing needed to be elevated
about a foot (since I literally was peering from behind it the whole first day), so I immediately went to Home Depot after the show ended on Saturday and bought more pipe!

I did order a vinyl banner with the  wave background to hang in front of the booth to reinforce my branding, but that won’t arrive until next week. I also made a new jewelry display that I will try out at this show, I’m always tweaking something with the booth! I’m also planning on shifting things around a little bit this weekend, and with the addition of the Christmas ornaments, I’ll be really making use of the reinforced sign holder!

I’m also really happy to announce that NARFdesign will be participating in The White Rabbit Holiday Pop Up Shop in Kent, OH on December 6, 2015!! This will be a new venture for my little company since it will be run by The White Rabbit and I won’t have to be there! Plus it’s SUPER local so it’s definitely way more convenient for me!

Unless something changes my mind this weekend, I’m only going to be doing these two shows this Holiday season, the Avant-Garde Art & Craft Shows in Rocky River OH and The White Rabbit Holiday Pop Up Shop in Kent, OH. I know a lot of people like to fill their calendars with shows during this time of year to maximize exposure and sales, but I need to build in some family and personal time into my schedule. I really enjoy doing craft shows and selling in person, but I don’t want to get burnt-out since this is also the busiest time of year at my full-time job. I also have paint colors picked out for the craft room FINALLY and would like to get that painted while I’m not in the middle of a project. Perhaps even maybe I can finally get another product added to the Etsy shop, I literally haven’t added a single product since the summer when I started preparing for craft show season.