Behind-the-Scenes at NARFdesign

Hello world! I figured I should start writing about the neat things going on behind-the-scenes at NARFdesign, since there’s a lot going on lately that isn’t being reflected on the website!


NARFdesign has a sign now!


Trying to figure out how the whole display is going to work together!

First of all, I’ve entered a juried craft show on May 3rd, the 2015 Heights Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show in Cleveland Heights, OH!! I’ve been busy the last few weeks creating a booth setup, figuring out packaging/signage, and building displays!

The best part about this particular show is that they are donating a portion of proceeds to Wigs For Kids which is one of the charities that I donated 10-12 inches of my hair last summer! I have decided that since I’ve already donated my hair, I’ll donate a portion of the proceeds from the show as well!


Trying to figure out a mini version of the craft show table for the boutique!

Another exciting new development is that NARFdesign will be in Johati Gallery & Boutique in Albany, NY soon!! My good friend Matt from college has opened his own gallery/boutique and I’m really excited that NARFdesign was chosen to be among the first artists/vendors shown!

I’ve also been busy doing several custom stained glass window hangings for a couple of friends and family. I’m hoping to be able to get a really neat stained glass project done before the craft show utilizing a couple of wooden window frames I found!