Happy 1st Birthday NARFdesign!

Today the Etsy shop has been open for one whole year!! Lots of very exciting things have happened in the last year, and many more exciting things are to come!!

Still working on figuring out the best craft show to debut NARFdesign at (the May craft show ended up getting cancelled due to venue issues, which turned out to be a HUGE relief!). So far most of the craft room is unpacked, minus the stained glass stuff which I will be unpacking this weekend. I did get a 6 foot banquet table so that I can properly test my booth setup in the spare bedroom, so that’s on my agenda this weekend also. We did a LOT of traveling within the last month, I managed to turn my annual Maine trip into a week long vacation, and I was able to get more Maine sourced sea glass and lobster trap rope! We also attended 3 weddings – 2 being out of state, and we were both in the one that happened this past weekend! I made a neat vintage looking rose bracelet with pearls and rose quartz for that one!

There’s still plenty of things that I’ve been working on that I haven’t had time to add to the shop yet, still trying to figure out the best hardware solution for wine bottle pendant lamps (yes they’re happening), I have a backlog of wine bottle planters that need to be drilled, sanded and finished, as well as new jewelry styles to add! I keep forgetting that stained glass is one of my hobbies as well! I’m interested in doing more military patch window hangings, so please send me an email or a Facebook message if that is something you’d be interested in.