Exciting News!

Well, quite a bit has happened in the last several weeks, with some bad news and some great news. First the bad news: the craft show endeavor has been temporarily postponed due to the cancellation of the Cleveland Heights craft show due to parking lot issues. I’m literally the only one excited about this because WE’RE BUYING A HOUSE!!!! Turns out we are closing on the house the day after the craft show,┬áso now I can breathe a LOT easier knowing I don’t need to build inventory at the same time as securing a mortgage, packing and working full-time (while also trying to train for a half-marathon).

I am definitely still going to do several craft shows this year, but the stars have aligned for us to get a house before Summer starts so I will be prepared and ready to go for the fall/winter craft show season! The house we’re buying already has a craft room set up!!! I’ll also have proper storage and work space which will be amazing.

One of the things I’ve hidden from the behind-the-scenes at NARFdesign thus far is the fact that I do quite a bit of the work at the dining room table because that’s literally the only space I have to work right now (yes I do all the stained glass work at that table too), so it will be so amazing to not have to worry about sharing eating space with the space that I solder lead in. The Avant-Garde Art & Craft Shows wanted to feature a blog post about NARFdesign closer to the show, and asked for photos of me working on things when it dawned on me that all the photos would need to be super tightly cropped to make sure all the rest of my personal belongings weren’t in the background of the photos. Now that problem will be solved! And I’ll have space enough to set up a proper light kit for better product photography (currently I use a tabloid paper backdrop on either the top of a bookshelf or lined on the inside of a cardboard box as a photo “studio”, and I have to tear it down after to reclaim the space).


Yep, the craft show table currently takes up the middle of the living room in our apartment, that’s the TV in the background.

So very exciting things coming in the next several months (including my yearly New England vacation, THANK GOODNESS)!!!